A message from the other side

In 2002 just after my first book came out, was near the time a connection was starting to happen through an alumni site of a camp I grew up at in Lake George, NY. I was suddenly finding and corresponding with people who I hadn’t seen in over 40 years. In a conversation with Susan, one of my old girlfriends I mentioned that I am a dream analyst. She had said she’s had a recurring dream she would love to understand and so I invited her to call me so that we could work through decoding its meaning.

INSERT: Of course my old friend would have no way of knowing this, but you know I sit at my father’s z’l desk that he had. It is a glass topped desk from the 50’s and I keep pictures under the glass just like he used to when I was a little girl. Under the glass, on my right side is a picture of my dad, and beside it is a picture of the waterfront at my old camp. The waterfront picture reminds me of “the old rec hall down by the lake”. I put that in quotations because that’s what I call it. I went to Camp Walden from the time I was 5 years old and until my late teens. The old rec hall was made of wood and burned down when I was about 10 or 11. After that, they built a metal structure high up on the mountain.

I also want to add here that in 2002, just after my book came out, sometimes I would feel so sad that my dad wasn’t here to know. I just wished I could tell him I published a book, and wondered what he would say if he only knew.

So back to my story about Susan. She did call me and we did analyze her dream successfully. A few days later, I got an email from Sue thanking me so much for helping her understand the dreams, and even adding with excitement that now that she knows the steps to decode the dream she had since made several other connections in the dream. She closed off the letter with a p.s. It read like this:

“p.s. I have been so caught up with my dream, that I keep forgetting to tell you, the other night I had a dream. I dreamed of your father. It was Visiting Day at camp. We were in the old rec hall down by the lake. And he was dancing with such joy that it was contagious to us all.”

This is one of those very strange things that happen sometimes. I can’t help believing it was a message from my dad z’l. I felt like he was letting me know he knows I published a book.

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  1. Yes indeed, our dear departed are always with us. Your dad must be very proud of you Layne , and all the good work you do.

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