What Does a Dream of Drowning Mean?

hand disappearing into water symbolic of person drowning

What Does a Dream of Drowning Mean to You?

From the 6 Points of Entry method I developed, if I hear about a dream of drowning, it’s the feelings aspect that screams at me. I’ll want to pose questions like, “Are you drowning in your work these days?” If it’s not an abundance of work I am drowning in, I might look for some recent circumstance I am feeling overwhelmed about. Something that’s making me struggle–literally.

Since we humans have a habit of holding in whatever it is making us feel anxious or overwhelmed, a drowning dream can be a sure way for your healthy unconscious mind to help push you to speak! After all, if you find yourself drowning, the question that pulls up right after that one is, are you calling for help?

It’s fascinating how a dream will create a scenario in which you’re almost forced to scream out. Once that first step being vocal is done, the rest comes easier after your dream has provided the rehearsal, and dreaming about drowning is a sure-fire way to push you to speak!

Cindy and Erica’s Drowning Dreams

How about Cindy who dreamed she was drowning, and it turned out to be about her drowning in debt? Her dream encouraged her to reach out for help to her friend, who helped her learn to manage her situation.

Many dreamers associate water with cleansing of a sort. Erica having been in a rough relationship and who was so finally ready to say goodbye to it dreamed of drowning, for her symbolizing not only the death of the relationship, but the death of her staying inside the relationship! This was a wonderful example of Erica moving on; breaking free; cleansing herself of the experience.

I can’t discuss dreaming of drowning without including how, as we all know, water is depth. There are so many waking situations we go through in life that require us to “look deeper”. If you are someone who resists the act of looking deeper into your situation, you might bring on a dream of drowning. It would be a case of your healthy unconscious mind inviting you to take the dive.

Finally, let’s not forget when your dream about drowning is concerning someone you know, and it’s them who is drowning! In a case like that, my usual next move will be to ask myself what character or personality traits come to my mind when I think about that person. Did you say they are someone who lives in fear of saying what they really want to say? If that trait is one you are uncomfortable about, dreaming that person is drowning may illustrate a part of yourself you’re letting go of. In this case your drowning dream is very positive. It will be a case of you saying goodbye to that trait. Literally.

Your ideas and comments on my blog posts are always welcomed! Let me know how I can help you stay afloat.

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