Dreaming about a car crash? Scary!

Car engulfed in flames after a car accident with a fire truck to the left of it on a highway.

Dream Interpretation

In dream analysis, our first goal is always to name the current waking situation you were discussing with yourself when you had that dream. When I hear a dream about a car accident, I think about the word “accident” and I am already looking for a recent experience in my life that came unexpectedly. Am I to blame or is there no “fault”? If I was the driver or a passenger will help me see my responsibility.

Dreams about car accidents and more importantly where you are in the dream, might be a comment on how you are feeling in a given situation. Are you in the back seat unhappy about not feeling in control in your life? The dream may prod you to figuratively take the wheel. Is the dream instead perhaps highlighting your recent shirking of responsibility?

Maybe you had a car crash in your dream because some event or person surprised you in a bad way and you feel “hit” with the bad news.

Looking at the action in a dream will have me wondering if some recent circumstance needs the dreamer to call out for help. How about noticing who is in the car with you? Family members or instead business associates, might point you to realizing your waking situation is about one of those.

It is always important too to notice who you choose as the players in your dream. A particular person often reveals a certain character trait you need to employ in a given situation, especially if the trait required in today’s dilemma, is not one that you’re comfortable with! That happens because typically you will cast yourself in the part you most identify with, and you give out all the other parts of yourself; the aspects or behaviors inside you that you are less comfortable with, to different people.

If in your dream about a car accident you cast yourself as the passenger in order to reflect your lack of taking responsibility in a waking situation, don’t be surprised if someone who you associate with as being very comfortable stepping into the role of taking over also plays a roll in the same dream. Perhaps he or she is there to encourage you to “take the wheel” literally.

In a recent reel I posted titled “Crack the Code Simply” I discussed a car crash in a dream in which the dreamer was the driver, and then in the same dream, the same night, switched seats and was a passenger! Here’s the link so you can see how that dream unfolded.

When trying to find the waking situation your dream is reflecting, the important thing is to stay open to all the possibilities!

Car crashed into a tree at the bottom of an embankment with smoke rising from hood in a dreamy vignette.

How dreaming about a car crash relates to your waking life

When trying to attach your dreaming about a car crash to the waking event you were discussing with yourself, let’s turn to another possibility. Using a play on words, I know so many people who use the expression “crash” when referring to how tired they feel. Maybe you say, “I was so tired, I went straight home and crashed.” How about “I’m crashing”, when trying to express how exhausted you are, or perhaps you “crashed” at a friend’s house last night. I would be asking the dreamer whose house they crashed at. This might help lead the dreamer to someone in their life who’s they might need to reach out to…. or more importantly, is the dream pointing the dreamer to a character trait they need to employ in a recent situation? If I crashed at someone’s house I would investigate how and why I put myself there in my dream. What personality trait is my dream suggesting I lean into?

Have you connected to some of these possibilities about what to look for when you dream about a care crash or accident. Let me know if you get what I’m saying. Have you had a dream about a car crash recently?

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