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What do Dreams About Poop Mean? - Smiling poo emoji

Lately, I have had a spree of people asking me what dreams about poop means! It inspires me to write the most obvious and important place to begin when trying to uncover why you used that particular imagery.

As you may already know a dream is the interior conversation you have with yourself, and it is triggered by a very specific recent waking life situation you are attempting to problem-solve. I want to familiarize you with the 6 Point of Entry method I developed, in order to help you attach your dream to the waking life situation you were discussing with yourself when you had the dream.

The Feelings, The Action, The Puns and Play on Words, The Symbols, The Repetition, and finally, The Plot.

If we begin by using the symbol as a pure metaphor, shit will be about letting something out. We may use that symbol when we have either expressed our feelings, but perhaps more so, when we have not! A dream of you shitting may be your unconscious mind hoping for and encouraging you to let it out and express whatever it is you have to say.

Truly though, when it comes to investigating a “shit” dream, the best Point of Entry you can use is play on words. I’ll be smart to say, if you will kindly excuse my “language”, here below for you, is only a quick list of things we say; expressions we use, that immediately pop into my mind when thinking about “shit”. Please don’t be shy to add some of your own associations to my list, as here is where shit dreams may start from!

I have shit to say = I have nothing to say, or I have something bad to say

I feel like shit today.

I’m in so much shit (trouble).

That girl is so full of shit.

That guy is such a piece of shit.

Here is Sue’s Poo Dream, along with our conversation and analysis, to help you see how an actual dream mirrors the dreamer’s waking situation.

Sue’s Dream About Poop

I am in a resort. I am my own age. I have a little girl with me who has blond hair. She’s two years old. In reality I have a grown son, not a daughter.

The resort is very busy. There are so many people there. We’re in the pool and the little girl tells me she has to go potty. After we got out of the pool my mother was suddenly with me.

We were in this giant room filled with people. My mother was across the room from me squatting like someone from China would and looking at me. The little girl is next to me, and poo appears all over the place!

I hadn’t even taken her diaper down yet and I started to put it into my mouth. It isn’t the shape of regular poo. It’s the same color as chocolate milk. I put it in my mouth and started to clean it and spit it out.

When I’d spit the poo out it was like little white blocks. It kind of looked like cheese. So, it went into my mouth like a chocolaty color, and it came out white.

I kept doing that and my mother said, “What are you doing? Why are you doing that? Are you crazy?” I just looked at her. I didn’t respond.

I wasn’t grossed out in the dream. It seemed normal. After a little while I took the little girl’s diaper down. She wasn’t dressed in swimming clothes. In fact, she had leggings on. As I took down her diaper all of the feces came pouring out, but now it looked almost like diarrhea.”

My discussion and analysis with Sue about her poop dream:

I always have my pen ready to map a dream, but after hearing Sue’s dream I put the map on hold for the point of entry that was screaming at me.

I explained, “There are certain people in my life who when I want to say something to them, I must think about how I am going to say it keeping in mind I still have to say what I have to say. I might have a dream like yours at a time like that, especially if I have some shit to say to somebody and it’s building up inside me, but I want to be careful about how it comes out. You put the shit in your mouth, and you clean it up before you spit it out. Does that resonate with you at all? Is there someone in your life who you have something to say to this week that you are considering how to come out with it? It could be your mom, but not necessarily. I only name her because she appears in your dream, but you may have chosen your mom to represent someone else. If it really is your mom, she would be a great example of someone who we are often careful about cleaning things up before we speak. I don’t mean clean in the literal sense. I am saying it metaphorically. Saying something with caution and care around it instead of in a harsh or blatant way.”

After a knowing ‘Aha!’ Sue shared, “Well, you know the day I had this dream I was shopping with my mother. There were a lot of abusive things that were said to me as a child especially by my mom and I’ve been spending some time with her wanting to talk about this and let it go, but you know, she doesn’t get it. You know how people will say things to you but they don’t even remember they said it? Well things stick with me forever. My mother wonders why I remember everything and wishes I would just let stuff go. She doesn’t appreciate I am trying to resolve the past precisely so that I can let it go!” Sue closed with saying, “When I went to sleep last night, I was praying I could let go of what she was saying to me.”

Using a character in the dream, I explained to Sue the little girl is a part of her own self. Sue wondered, “Why do you think the little girl is blonde and as a child I was dark haired?” I responded, “Yes! Of course, the little girl is different than you. In the dream, she’s the one letting it out. Literally. And you are the one taking what comes out of her and stuffing it back in. Literally. If this was my dream, the act of my pulling her diaper and her tights down would be me pulling away all the barriers I have used to hold my feelings in all these years. My feelings even turned into diarrhea. For me that represents something I can no longer hold in.”

Further, I explained, “Using the little girl in the dream captures how the story stretches all the way back to when it started for you. It makes sense that before we let something go, we first must let it out! It seems like that’s what you are doing in the dream. It’s a great metaphor. With poo, we can only hold it in for so long, until it has to come out.”

I added, “You don’t have to express these feelings to your mom necessarily, in order to accomplish this end. You can share your feelings with a friend or family member you trust. The important point is you are taking care of your little girl. The little girl inside you. You are feeding her your adult voice now, as opposed to the voices you were brought up with. The little girl looks different than you because she is different from you!”

Poop Dreams Solutions:

This dream points to at least two items for discussion. First, Sue says her mom is a person who will never take responsibility for her behavior in the past. When you are dealing with a person like that you aren’t going to get anywhere by simply holding your ground, insisting she was abusive. This won’t make it better. In my work with dreamers I often say the bottom line is finding a way to get what you need.

Once you know what you need, you can ask yourself, “Is my behavior in the dream appropriate to the situation?” In this case, as Sue discovered, she needs to find some way to communicate her feelings to her mom.

One possible solution from the dream comes from the metaphor about Sue “cleaning up” what she wants to say before it comes out of her mouth. If this is her decision, the dream affords her a rehearsal for editing how she speaks to her mom about her feelings. Alternatively, Sue might decide to share her uncensored feelings with a friend or trusted family member. In this way at least her feeling are expressed. Getting your feelings out into the air stops them from festering inside you.

Additionally, this dream offers the following lesson: it is never too late for us to begin caring for our inner child. As this dream shows, Sue has already begun doing that.

Final note: I am not surprised the dream takes place in a resort, with the play on words in this discussion about what approach Sue will “resort” to in order to let go of her past.

Have you had dreams about poop?

Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram what your dreams about poop are all about:

46 Responses

  1. Hi Layne

    If we see someone else pooping because the toilet door is left open. I try walking out of that area but am stuck cos there are small kids that the lady has and thats the reason she left the door open.
    What can I make out of this dream. I did not have any communication with that lady and I didnt see her face either.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for posting your question. Since the dream is an interior conversation triggered by a specific situation that happened to you the day before the dream, the first goal is always to find the situation you were discussing with yourself in the dream. One thing about your dream is how you are an OBSERVER in the dream, not a participant. If this was my dream I might first ask myself how I felt watching the scene in the dream. How did you feel about seeing this woman? what happened in your waking life in the day or so before this dream that made you feel the same way? What did you recently observe that is similar? For example if I go out to eat with a couple and they have an argument while I am sitting with them and the wife starts yelling at him in front of everyone and I’m “watching” it?…..Perhaps I will have a dream like yours — of me watching someone poo with the door open. That’s an example of how to go about analyzing a dream. If you want to work with this specific dream, or any other you have please feel free to book a private consultation with me. You can do so at https://thedreamanalyst.com/dream-interpretation-consultations/

  2. Hi Layne,

    I had a dream that I always pooped in the wrong place. Last night I had a dream that I pooped in the shower/floor and I had to grab it and bring it to the toilet.

    There would be times that I pooped in the toilet but then the toilet is clogged. I have to pick up the poop with my bare hands.

    1. Hi Irene. Thanks for your comment. Off the top of my head your dreams make me think of two main scenarios in my waking life that I might conjure up a dream like yours. 1. If I’ve been cleaning the house with people not “picking up” after themselves and I’ve been doing it?……..I might be saying to myself how I’ve been “picking up shit”. Notice the expression—In a dream, can be a very direct metaphor. 2. If I myself have behaved in a way that makes me feel badly, and then need to atone for myself…..That’s got the same feeling as what you are describing. I did something I feel badly about and now I have to “pick up my shit”—-This is again, another play on words. Do either of those waking situations resonate with you?

  3. Last night I dreamed that I was at a house and something happened (I don’t know what) that made me have to go outside and chase someone, but in the middle of the chase I realized I needed to poop. I kept running because I couldn’t let them get away and felt some come out but thought it was just a little. When I got back to the house where I was staying, I came in and some friends were there and I said that I had caught the person but had to go to the bathroom. As I turned to walk up the hall, the friend said it looked like I already had because she could see it in my pants. When I got to the bathroom, I expected a mess, but it was a perfectly clean solid piece that hadn’t made a mess at all. That’s when I woke up.

    1. Hi. The job of analyzing a dream always begins with the task of matching the dream to the waking situation that triggered it in the first place. For your dream I would be looking at the plot. What do you think you have been “chasing“ recently? Chasing for someone’s attention? Chasing a job? Chasing a relationship? If this was my dream I might have it if while I was chasing someone I may have “let too much of my feelings out”. Perhaps I was about to feel embarrassed about how much I “let out” but in the end it looks like it wasn’t as bad as what I thought. Your thoughts on my analysis are always welcome. If I don’t have your input—-it’s all projection and hypothesis!

  4. Hi Layne,
    The beginning of the dream has me in a public restroom where all the toilets are full of poop. I need to pee, but I realize that none of the toilets are flushing so I will have to choose a toilet, but not be able to flush. I’m totally grossed out in this scene.
    Later I am with an old friend who, in real life, I have not seen for many years as she now lives in Australia. She and her new fiancé are coming to do a therapy session with me in a large home where I am living. (I’m a retired psychologist in real life.) This house is not my home. I’ve never seen this house in real life. Now I’m walking with them into the house. But outside there is dog poop covering the yard and I am embarrassed that I didn’t have time to clean the yard before their arrival. I explain that I was traveling and arrived home late, hence I was unable to clean the yard. We enter this very large building/house and begin looking for a good place to conduct our session. Now it looks like a business setting, but is immense with large rooms and long conference tables. The seating was very unusual for doing a therapy session. I encourage my friend and her fiancé to sit down at a table not too far away from me, but they are not at my table which makes no sense to me in real life. I wake up before we begin our session.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for posting your question. Since the dream is an interior conversation triggered by a specific situation that happened to you the day before the dream, the first goal is always to find the situation you were discussing with yourself in the dream. My method involves a 6 point of entry system. When I read your dream it is the feelings you describe that attract my attention so it’s a Feelings point of entry I would use in order to help you attach your dream to the specific very recent waking life situation you were discussing with yourself when you had this dream. What recent experience in your life made you feel 1. Like there is no place to “let out” what you are feeling and 2. Has you feeling a bit grossed out that you even have to choose who or where to let those feelings out? 3. I would also be looking for a recent situation that has me feeling a bit embarrassed. We are problem solving in our dreams and the solution to what you want to do about something that is bothering you actually appears in the dream before you get it consciously. I am here at thedreamanalyst.com if you want to discuss this terrific dream further. I already have some ideas about the solution but as you are probably aware I need you—the dreamer in order to solve the puzzle.

  5. Hi Layne,

    I was a cashier at a bank and a man came with $5 and $10 bills to pay for something. I told him his money was counterfeit. He looked drunk. Nevertheless, I took the money but then I was so uncomfortable and kept looking and checking the watermark on it. The money was just black and white printed paper. The man who brought it was still there so I told him I couldn’t accept his money. He waited a response from a white older woman and an Asian middle aged woman who worked at this bank. They came out and closed an office because apparently it was a department. They told him they couldn’t help him because he was not this bank’s customer but he said he was willing to open an account there. And she decided to help him. Then I saw myself barefoot in a public restroom. I opened one stall and I saw poop in a toilet. I opened another one and saw the same. I then tried to tiptoe because the floor was covered in pee. I was wearing long pants and was lifting it so it didn’t get dirty. I was disgusted and told myself never walk barefoot into a public restroom. I saw that Asian woman looking at me but I felt uncomfortable and avoided the eye contact and walked out to a dark but nice lobby with vine tree which had berries like blueberries on a wall but they were not edible. I walked past that. I then saw a beautiful house on the water which looked like a resort with white curtains. Someone said it was the only house and it is very expensive.

    1. Hi Alice. After reading my blog on this subject, have you been able to connect your dream to a very recent waking life situation that has a similar plot? Or a circumstance that made you feel in a similar way to this scenario that you set up in your dream? Did someone try and “put something over on you?”

  6. I had a dream where my brother who always appears in my dreams as a child was in the bathroom when I needed to poop so I had to wait. I really needed to go but thought I could hold it. There was a nearby pan I could have used but it was in the open. I felt too embarrassed to use it. My mom who always takes up for my brother was there and saw what was happening but kept quite. I felt some of the poop escape so I ran to the outside bathroom but my brother was using it at that moment. My grandmother was there offering me tickets to a game I wanted to go to. She also knew what was happening but I was too afraid to tell her even though she kept asking. By that time I had fully pooped in my pants. My brother came out the bathroom and she then went in. I felt I could not say anything to her about it being my turn to use the bathroom ahead of me because she was the head of the family. When she finally came out I was anxious and crying but still could not explain what happened because I was too embarrassed. She knew that I pooped myself so she offered to take me to the Superbowl.

    1. Hi Mona. In reading your dream and my looking for the very recent waking situation you were discussing with yourself when you had this dream, I would be asking myself, what circumstance in my recent life had or has me “HOLDING IN” or anyways trying to hold in something I have to “express” to someone. How you say, “I felt I could not say anything to her about it being my turn to use the bathroom ahead of me because she was the head of the family.” That said for whatever reason I know if this was my dream it would definitely be about my not speaking out something I have to say. It has got to come out! Literally. Your dream is here to inspire you to SPEAK! Even—it seems—if speaking out might turn out to be messy. Good luck!

  7. I dreamed I went to the bathroom to pee and when I went to flush the commode, a big fat long shiny brown turd came out of the top rim of the bowl and fell into the water. I felt irritated and wondered who was s******* these big turds, because they needed to be responsible for them getting flushed down into the system. These turds weren’t mine and I felt I shouldn’t have to deal with it that someone else needed to be more responsible.

    1. Hi Jan, Hi. You may have seen my response to another dreamer earlier on this page and also in this blog post as well. The job of analyzing a dream always begins with the task of matching the dream to the waking situation that triggered it in the first place. For your dream I would be looking at the “Puns and Play on Words”. I would be focused on that Point of Entry because of your language! You said: “…..I felt I shouldn’t have to deal with it that someone else needed to be more responsible.” So my question to you will be who and/or what situation in your recent waking life is a case of you somehow feeling (or being made to feel) responsible for someone else’s “shit”? If this was my dream I’d be wanting to “express” my feelings to whomever it is who tries to put responsibility for cleaning up the mess on me! For me this is a dream there to encourage me to speak! For your knowledge……No one can “put” responsibility on you unless you ACCEPT it! I sounds like you may want to flush any blame you’ve been accepting that doesn’t belong to you away. I hope that helps!

  8. Hi Layne, I had the strangest dream, where I was standing at one end of a house, and my teenage grandson was standing in the next room facing away from me. His younger sister, my granddaughter then walked in through the back door and poop was falling onto the floor. Then she stepped in it, but seemed not to notice and started talking to her brother. I was going to go and clean it up, but then I noticed that my adult son (their father) was standing between them and me, and he was wearing a hazmat suit (like for asbestos removal).
    Then I looked to my left and in another room was my 3 year old grandson who is the child of my youngest son (who was not present). My little grandson was also facing away from me and wearing clear plastic pants like they used to put over diapers back in the day, but no diapers underneath. The plastic pants were like a small aquarium about 3/4 full of pee, with pieces of poop floating around in it. I was thinking he must feel so uncomfortable.
    I found the whole dream very confusing.

  9. I dreamed where I’m in a kind of hostel with many people and I felt like to poo then choose one end of the room eased my self on a paper packed it up and was going to the toilet to flush it and take my bath and people where all over the hostel or hall

    1. Hello. I suspect this dream had you feeling embarrassed. I’d be looking at the feelings and asking myself what waking situation happened this week that made me feel the same as I did inside the dream. As well it looks as if you’re trying unsuccessfully to hide whatever “came out of you”. Perhaps you lost your temper in front of people so there’s no hiding something like that.

  10. Hello,

    I had a dream where i was pooping in toilet, which was in a big open room, and i had so much to poop that i was startled in my dream that why i had poop in such large amount. Very weird dream and the visuals are still in my mind from last week since i had the dream.

  11. I’ve had so many dreams about pooping with the same theme. I’m sitting on the toilet and the bowl is filled with poop and it’s all over my bottom. As I try to clean myself it gets all over my hands and I work frantically to clean myself and all the poop on the floor. In some of the dreams there is someone in the room. In my dream I keep asking myself why this happens to me so often.
    I can’t figure out what this could mean. Can you give me some insight.

    1. Hi Mary. It feels as if my responses to all these questions I am getting always begins with my pointing out the exact same thing I began this blog with!! (Which is a bit funny), but I will reiterate….
      “……..a dream is the interior conversation you have with yourself, and it is triggered by a very specific recent waking life situation you are attempting to problem-solve. I want to familiarize you with the 6 Point of Entry method I developed, in order to help you attach your dream to the waking life situation you were discussing with yourself when you had the dream.
      The Feelings, The Action, The Puns and Play on Words, The Symbols, The Repetition, and finally, The Plot.
      If we begin by using the symbol as a pure metaphor, shit will be about letting something out. We may use that symbol when we have either expressed our feelings, but perhaps more so, when we have not! A dream of you shitting may be your unconscious mind hoping for and encouraging you to let it out and express whatever it is you have to say.”……SO even though your dream may repeat, each time you have it—-its is anyways ALWAYS AT THE FIRST LEVEL, related to some event or situation in your waking life that you either thought about or that happened to you, the day before you had the dream. If I had your dream the way you are describing it…..I would be asking myself what circumstance happened this week in which I feel “I said a lot of “shitty” things to someone, and I’m trying to clean up the mess.” The most important aspect is EACH DREAM IS DEALING WITH ONE SPECIFIC situation. Perhaps you use this image because you are “feeling” like you are in trouble with someone….= being in shit. Look for the waking person or situation THIS WEEK that you were discussing with yourself when you had this dream!Good luck! I hope that helps.

  12. Hello, I don’t always remember my dreams so this one piqued my curiosity. I was in a very fancy hotel. It seemed like it might be a hotel in a foreign place like Dubai. I really needed to use the toilet so I went to the public toilets in the great reception hall. While I was using the toilet many other women came in to use the toilets too, but because there were only two or three stalls, they had to wait. I could tell they were impatient. I didn’t spend much time using the toilet but there was an unusually large quantity. To be blunt, a lot of big poop. I was surprised at the amount. When I tried to flush the toilet it wouldn’t go down. The flush mechanism wasn’t working properly. I decided to wait for the bowl to be ready to flush again. I was very nervous because the women waiting needed the toilet too and this was taking some time. Finally it seemed like I was able to get everything to flush and I left the restrooms. I walked out into the reception area and out of the hotel but I returned immediately thinking I should go back to make sure that there weren’t any problems with the toilet. For some reason I went walking back towards the restrooms with a white tablecloth draped over my shoulder. Some of the hotel personnel were looking at me discretely but didn’t say anything. This is when I woke up.

    1. Hi Kern, if you read my blog here at the beginning where I explain every dream is a discussion and a reflection of a very specific waking situation you experienced very close to the time you had the dream. Your goal is always to find the mirror…..What situation were you discussing with yourself when you had this dream? If I had this dream myself, it has a flavour of “getting caught”—-I seem to be worried about people finding out about something I believe I screwed up….You seem to have wanted to escape from something you did in the dream. Since every dream provides a solution to that specific waking situation…..When I look at your dream it is very positive in my opinion, that in the end you actually decided NOT to run away, but you turning back to be sure everything got cleared away. Once you name the waking situation that triggered this dream, I suspect you might want to “go back” to whomever the circumstance involved, and see if you are all okay.

  13. Hello,

    I had a dream where I’m showering I see poop in the bowl inside a bucket full of water there’s 3 of them and in the toilet bowl full of poop. what does it mean weird. thank you

    1. Hi May. It’s hard for me to understand your dream. I’m confused if you are saying the poop was in the shower with you in a bucket?? Regardless, the dream is specifically related to a current waking issue in your life, so without you here with me to discuss—-I am not a psychic. I have a psychological approach. That means I would need to speak to you, the dreamer, in order to learn what incident in your life you were discussing with yourself when you had this dream. I hope that helps! If you’d like to investigate further, you can book a consultation by going to this link: https://thedreamanalyst.com/dream-interpretation-consultations/

  14. Please how about watching your mom cleaning the public toilet and all of sudden her leg fell off into the toilet and she immediately came out and clean all with lots of water.

    1. Hi. Your dream is quite specific as I am sure your feelings inside it are. Since the task is to find what exact recent situation in YOUR LIFE your dream is addressing, I would have to speak with you to figure it out. I’m not a psychic. Your dream is a reflection of something from your life. We discover the meaning together. Here’ where you can book a consultation. Look forward to speaking with you. Best, https://thedreamanalyst.com/dream-interpretation-consultations/

  15. I HAD A DREAM MY DOG HAD A DINGLEBERRY and i was chasing after him but could never catch him to remove the DINGLEBERRY! it just kept swangin around. just wondering what this means for my mental health?!

    1. Since every dream at the first level is you working out a VERY recent waking situation, if I had your dream, I might have it if I was in a discussion that finished too abruptly (for me), so in other words, the “shit” I was discussing with someone “got left hanging”. Further, my dream would be there to encourage me to re-open the discussion so I’m not chasing some situation that was left hanging.

    1. Hi there. Since we are problem-solving a situation from our waking life this week…..your husband’s dream is directly related to his life. So the only way to know what situation triggered this dream is to speak to him, the dreamer himself.Perhaps ask him how he felt in the dream and what recent event in his waking life has him feeling the same way. One play on words that comes immediately to mind is to inquire if he’s been feeling like you or someone else in his life has been shitting on him.

  16. Hi Layne, I am a very vivid dreamer but I have never had a poop dream until last night! I dreamt I was in a bathroom but it was also a classroom. I had explosive diarrhea repeatedly and I would get in a bath and clean myself and then get out and it would go again and get absolutely everywhere! People kept trying to get into this room I was in and I had to keep re locking the door. Another door appeared across the room where a teacher was trying to walk in with a student and there was a huge splatter of poop right in their walkway and they looked at me and then quickly went back into their classroom and shut the door. I was doing everything to try and clean myself up but with no success! This dream was so stressful! I also remember thinking in my dream that I hoped I wasn’t actually pooping in my sleep lol! In the midst of this nightmare I also missed work and a random awards night for my mum. When I finally moved onto the next part of my dream I was living in the streets with homeless people. I am so confused!!

    1. Hi Haylea
      Thanks for reaching out. Before I even finished reading your dream it was the “explosive” diarrhea that immediately caught my attention. If this was my dream the first thing I would be looking for is to name what situation in my life this week I have feelings about that I am NOT expressing!! In fact I have been “holding in” what I need to say for perhaps so long, my dream is encouraging me to LET IT OUT! hence, the explosion. So the solution is right there as clear as day and your unconscious has so brilliantly caught your attention…..which is its job. Other questions I might ask myself…..(the teacher and student quickly going back) Who doesn’t want to hear the shit I feel I must express? Am I holding back because I worry speaking my truth might render me “homeless”? In a metaphor my family rejecting me? Or is the issue at my work = repercussion might be no job? = (Homeless)??
      The main point is your dream is a place where you can rehearse letting out what you need to say. In the safety of a dream you get to practice speaking up and be more ready becuase you rehearsed inside your dream. Your thoughts are welcome!

  17. I was sleeping with a toddler who then pooped on me. when I woke up I realised we were so poor. wearing dirty tattered clothes. I woke him up and said go and finish the business on that mound of sand so when you are done we use the sand to clean up. when we tried cleaning up I remember not being able to get it off. it just would not clean out

    1. Hi Karen
      My impression, or better said, projection when I read your dream, has me connected to how once you speak something out, it’s out. And while I might try “cleaning the mess” that was created by someone in my life I am casting as a young child, speaking, once it’s out? It’s out. My feelings are soiled. I can’t erase how I feel. I suppose the big question is who spoke and who got soiled/hurt? Is it you who is hurt by someone you see as a toddler?…..or is the toddler in your dream representative of the inexperienced aspect of yourself who responded to someone like a child would? I leave the answers to these questions in your capable hands!

  18. Hi Layne!
    My husband left me and our daughter in March, but I feel that we will get back together. Anyway, I had a dream where he and I, our daughter, and someone else were in a bathroom together, and he pooped on the toilet. I tried to leave, but was locked in.

    1. Hi Emily
      In dreams we speak the language of metaphor, so you will want to “translate” literally what you were saying to yourself when you had this dream. If this was my dream, I would focus myself on the feelings. How did I feel in this dream, and what situation in my current life is my dream reflecting? If this was my dream, I would feel struck by the fact that I “tried to leave, but was locked in.” Do you think you are describing how you are “stuck” with your husband’s shit? Our dreams are always there to encourage us to take action; to act. Perhaps somewhere inside yourself are you preparing to NOT get back together?

  19. Interesting topic. Last night (or this morning), I was dreaming of being in a public restroom… very large with lots of stalls, but only one with a door. There were men and women walking in and out. I’m attempting to have privacy to go to the bathroom. I keep wiping and wiping, but I cannot get myself clean. People keep interrupting me and talking to me. At one point, my mom comes in… using the restroom out in the open… then begins to talk to me. Then starts commenting on the lights… and how they would be good for my funeral.

    Through all of this… I’m still attempting to wipe and clean myself… and then… the toilet paper is gone.

    There were so many parts and things happening. I’m a Holistic Practitioner and have an idea… but I found your thread and really wanted to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you.

    1. Hi Tammy
      Since dream analysis is a two-way conversation between myself and the dreamer, in this circumstance I am left to guess what specific waking situation you were discussing with yourself when you had this dream. For me, where you say, ” I keep wiping and wiping, but I cannot get myself clean.” and then you repeat “I’m still attempting to wipe and clean myself,” added to the fact that you can’t seem to do so in privacy…..Here is what I see as the solution this dream presents:
      If I use the theory of taking the dream’s situation outside to waking life and solve the puzzle outside the dream, I will ask myself, if I am in a circumstance where I’m still attempting to wipe and clean myself… and then… the toilet paper is gone…….what is my solution? I would ask for help!! I have even BEEN in this situation!! Have you? Ever asked the person in the next stall or call out to others in the room if someone can pass you some paper??
      THAT for me is the solution. Perhaps my waking situation is about me feeling safe to “express myself” and perhaps more importantly, to express my feelings in private. If this was my dream, the solution would be to ask for help to the person I want to express my feelings to directly. In other words….book a time with that person at a place there’s a door!

  20. Hi Layne,

    I had a dream that I had my poop wrapped in a paper bag and I went to a station where it was the only place with a toilet and a dustpan where I could through the poop out, but the guard was changing my mother (who was with me) for me to throw away the poop. We were negotiating the amount and he just wasn’t budging. Then some people came and we were talking about a birthday cake. I looked younger in the dream, as in an age where my mother still needed to argue for me (yet I am 44). I kept on holding my poop in the bag hoping it would t spill and was surprised that it wasn’t smelling at all, as no one could detect that it was poop I had in my hand. It was green in colour which could have passed for a mashed vegetable.

    1. Hi Nel
      Every dream is the interior, problem-solving conversation that takes place between your conscious and your unconscious mind. At the surface level, every dream is triggered by something that either happened to you or something you thought about, the day before you had the dream. That’s your goal. Uncover what circumstance you are discussing with yourself, and what’s the solution? If this was my dream, I might have a dream like this when I am “carrying around shit I need to say”. Literally. So I am NOT letting it go. I am “carrying it” around with me. For a solution I’d tap the symbol of my mother as it seems like I need to adopt some of her character traits in order to speak up for myself…..in which case she would/could potentially be the solution to my waking life recent issue.

  21. Hello Layne. I dreamed that I was having sex with a girl in Cuba, I have lived in the USA for three years, and at the moment of orgasm my poop came out in a way that I couldn’t avoid. I didn’t feel so bad But he knew he had to deal with the comments throughout the neighborhood. The girl didn’t say anything, she just got dressed and left because we had already finished sex

    1. Hello Manuel, The way you wrote this is a bit confusing since you say “he knew he had to deal….” I thought you were talking about yourself since you began by saying “I dreamed….” so I have no idea who “he” is. But most importantly, in a dream like this —in order to help you name the very recent waking situation in your life you were dis cussing with yourself when you had this dream? you should ask yourself how did you feel inside this dream? Once you are in touch with how you felt, you will understand what happened in your very recent life that made you feel the same way. We you embarrassed? It seems like this wasn’t something you “did on purpose”, rather it was something that happened by accident. Whatever situation in your life has you feeling embarrassed, perhaps your dream is here to point out whatever it is—you can forgive yourself. It was an accident. I hope that helps.

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