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Dreams About Poop

What do Dreams About Poop Mean? - Smiling poo emoji

Lately, I have had a spree of people asking me what dreams about poop means! It inspires me to write the most obvious and important place to begin when trying to uncover why you used that particular imagery.

As you may already know a dream is the interior conversation you have with yourself, and it is triggered by a very specific recent waking life situation you are attempting to problem-solve. I want to familiarize you with the 6 Point of Entry method I developed, in order to help you attach your dream to the waking life situation you were discussing with yourself when you had the dream.

The Feelings, The Action, The Puns and Play on Words, The Symbols, The Repetition, and finally, The Plot.

If we begin by using the symbol as a pure metaphor, shit will be about letting something out. We may use that symbol when we have either expressed our feelings, but perhaps more so, when we have not! A dream of you shitting may be your unconscious mind hoping for and encouraging you to let it out and express whatever it is you have to say.

Truly though, when it comes to investigating a “shit” dream, the best Point of Entry you can use is play on words. I’ll be smart to say, if you will kindly excuse my “language”, here below for you, is only a quick list of things we say; expressions we use, that immediately pop into my mind when thinking about “shit”. Please don’t be shy to add some of your own associations to my list, as here is where shit dreams may start from!

I have shit to say = I have nothing to say, or I have something bad to say

I feel like shit today.

I’m in so much shit (trouble).

That girl is so full of shit.

That guy is such a piece of shit.

Here is Sue’s Poo Dream, along with our conversation and analysis, to help you see how an actual dream mirrors the dreamer’s waking situation.

Sue’s Dream About Poop

I am in a resort. I am my own age. I have a little girl with me who has blond hair. She’s two years old. In reality I have a grown son, not a daughter.

The resort is very busy. There are so many people there. We’re in the pool and the little girl tells me she has to go potty. After we got out of the pool my mother was suddenly with me.

We were in this giant room filled with people. My mother was across the room from me squatting like someone from China would and looking at me. The little girl is next to me, and poo appears all over the place!

I hadn’t even taken her diaper down yet and I started to put it into my mouth. It isn’t the shape of regular poo. It’s the same color as chocolate milk. I put it in my mouth and started to clean it and spit it out.

When I’d spit the poo out it was like little white blocks. It kind of looked like cheese. So, it went into my mouth like a chocolaty color, and it came out white.

I kept doing that and my mother said, “What are you doing? Why are you doing that? Are you crazy?” I just looked at her. I didn’t respond.

I wasn’t grossed out in the dream. It seemed normal. After a little while I took the little girl’s diaper down. She wasn’t dressed in swimming clothes. In fact, she had leggings on. As I took down her diaper all of the feces came pouring out, but now it looked almost like diarrhea.”

My discussion and analysis with Sue about her poop dream:

I always have my pen ready to map a dream, but after hearing Sue’s dream I put the map on hold for the point of entry that was screaming at me.

I explained, “There are certain people in my life who when I want to say something to them, I must think about how I am going to say it keeping in mind I still have to say what I have to say. I might have a dream like yours at a time like that, especially if I have some shit to say to somebody and it’s building up inside me, but I want to be careful about how it comes out. You put the shit in your mouth, and you clean it up before you spit it out. Does that resonate with you at all? Is there someone in your life who you have something to say to this week that you are considering how to come out with it? It could be your mom, but not necessarily. I only name her because she appears in your dream, but you may have chosen your mom to represent someone else. If it really is your mom, she would be a great example of someone who we are often careful about cleaning things up before we speak. I don’t mean clean in the literal sense. I am saying it metaphorically. Saying something with caution and care around it instead of in a harsh or blatant way.”

After a knowing ‘Aha!’ Sue shared, “Well, you know the day I had this dream I was shopping with my mother. There were a lot of abusive things that were said to me as a child especially by my mom and I’ve been spending some time with her wanting to talk about this and let it go, but you know, she doesn’t get it. You know how people will say things to you but they don’t even remember they said it? Well things stick with me forever. My mother wonders why I remember everything and wishes I would just let stuff go. She doesn’t appreciate I am trying to resolve the past precisely so that I can let it go!” Sue closed with saying, “When I went to sleep last night, I was praying I could let go of what she was saying to me.”

Using a character in the dream, I explained to Sue the little girl is a part of her own self. Sue wondered, “Why do you think the little girl is blonde and as a child I was dark haired?” I responded, “Yes! Of course, the little girl is different than you. In the dream, she’s the one letting it out. Literally. And you are the one taking what comes out of her and stuffing it back in. Literally. If this was my dream, the act of my pulling her diaper and her tights down would be me pulling away all the barriers I have used to hold my feelings in all these years. My feelings even turned into diarrhea. For me that represents something I can no longer hold in.”

Further, I explained, “Using the little girl in the dream captures how the story stretches all the way back to when it started for you. It makes sense that before we let something go, we first must let it out! It seems like that’s what you are doing in the dream. It’s a great metaphor. With poo, we can only hold it in for so long, until it has to come out.”

I added, “You don’t have to express these feelings to your mom necessarily, in order to accomplish this end. You can share your feelings with a friend or family member you trust. The important point is you are taking care of your little girl. The little girl inside you. You are feeding her your adult voice now, as opposed to the voices you were brought up with. The little girl looks different than you because she is different from you!”

Poop Dreams Solutions:

This dream points to at least two items for discussion. First, Sue says her mom is a person who will never take responsibility for her behavior in the past. When you are dealing with a person like that you aren’t going to get anywhere by simply holding your ground, insisting she was abusive. This won’t make it better. In my work with dreamers I often say the bottom line is finding a way to get what you need.

Once you know what you need, you can ask yourself, “Is my behavior in the dream appropriate to the situation?” In this case, as Sue discovered, she needs to find some way to communicate her feelings to her mom.

One possible solution from the dream comes from the metaphor about Sue “cleaning up” what she wants to say before it comes out of her mouth. If this is her decision, the dream affords her a rehearsal for editing how she speaks to her mom about her feelings. Alternatively, Sue might decide to share her uncensored feelings with a friend or trusted family member. In this way at least her feeling are expressed. Getting your feelings out into the air stops them from festering inside you.

Additionally, this dream offers the following lesson: it is never too late for us to begin caring for our inner child. As this dream shows, Sue has already begun doing that.

Final note: I am not surprised the dream takes place in a resort, with the play on words in this discussion about what approach Sue will “resort” to in order to let go of her past.

Have you had dreams about poop?

Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram what your dreams about poop are all about:

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