Carpet Seller

I dreamed I was standing at a bus stop on Queen Mary Road. I had laid out a piece of cream colored carpet so a few women who were coming off the bus could see it and hopefully buy it. And it’s not even a carpet you’d put down on the floor (unless at the door) to wipe your feet. It’s just a cut of a carpet, and a lousy cut at that! It’s shaped like a messy, uneven triangle. I have price stickers on the back of it. The price was 39.99. The forst woman looks at it and offers me 40-something dollars. I am so happy I say to her, “I’m sure you’re the one who is going to get it.”

But then another woman comes off the bus and say, “I’ll give you 400.00 for it.” I am SHOCKED! Now I am trying to find a way to peel the sticker off the back of the carpet so she can’t see what the price was and I’m trying to do this right in front of her……Not a task easily accomplished!

At first I am like…..”Now what the heck is that about?”, said Mrs. Dream Analyst.


There’s a direct mirror here in that I was reading a paper aloud to a few people a day ago. As I was reading, I suddenly and unexpectedly realized that the author had added some content I was unaware of. This took me by surprise and it wasn’t a good surprise because the information needs to be kept confidential specifically from one of the people I was reading aloud to! I had to work at editing the information and do it while I was reading! This was no easy feat as I was sitting right next to this person. I simply stopped and scanned the document pretending I had lost my place!

The feelings fit. Joy, surprise, and stress. Joy because I LOVED the author’s work that I was reading. I think it is a brilliant piece. Surprise….well now you know about the surprise…..and you know what the stress was too!

The carpet? By withholding information written on the paper, I was essentially stopping the person next to me from getting “the dirt” on someone else…in a metaphoric sense.

Haha! I cleaned the dirt away, and with a lousy scissors too! I guess I didn’t have confidence that my editing/”cutting” of the information wasn’t too smooth!

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