Stalling Dream

clock on a blank wall

I go shopping to a bookstore just as it opened. It’s carpeted. Feels even like it could be in a school. I know one of the things I bought besides books, was a wall clock for Emma-Jo. I’m not carrying a purse. It’s a canvas tote bag with straps. I wish I could remember the books I bought!… But I can’t. I do think that one or two were ones I had bought before that I wanted to have nice copies of.

I am with 2 people. I don’t remember who. After we have paid and are ready to go more people start entering the store. I don’t know why but I went back to the back wall of the shop still browsing, but realize soon we should just leave because the place is starting to fill up. The 2 friends I am with were standing against a side wall waiting for me. As I walked towards them and motioned to them we should leave, I said to the cashier on the way out, “See? We were smart to come in early.” True I was so happy with myself we had arrived so early and gotten it all done before the rush.

Clock & Tote Dream Pieces

I remember a small piece about “how to” get the clock fixed to Emma-Jo’s wall in her bedroom and wondering which wall to put it on because no matter which you pick, if she’s facing the other way, she won’t see it. Over her bed is good but only to see while she’s getting dressed. Over her bureau is good but only if she’s lying in bed.

Finally, I am in a high school hallway. I run into the bathroom to pee very quickly. I have no idea why, that as I opened the door I put my tote bag down on the floor outside the bathroom!…But the halls are pretty empty and I seem to feel foolishly comfortable that no one is going to take it. You know, like when you come back to your car and you haven’t paid the meter? And there’s no ticket on it? That’s the feeling I knew I was going to get. Why would I do that??

I am in the stall peeing. “I am in the stall…” LOL. I am analyzing as I write. What a funny play on words. I am peeing as quickly as I can thinking/wondering, but totally optimistic that my bag will still be there. And also upset with myself because I didn’t even really have to pee! I am saying to myself, “Why did I stop at all?”

The Woman in White?

Rushed and done, I open the stall door just as I see the back of a woman wearing a white sweater leave the bathroom.

I open the door and look down. My bag is gone. Quelle surprise. I look quickly around and see the woman in the white sweater. I start chasing after her and follow her into a classroom. She’s carrying a tiny purse. She wouldn’t have even had time to put the bag down somewhere to hide it but I scan the room regardless. This is crazy. She didn’t take it.

I am standing in the hallway. At this point (like the store=rote) it’s filled with people. I’m looking around. Good luck finding my bag now! I’m thinking what’s missing. The books I bought, my license. I don’t think I had credit cards with me. Can’t remember, but I was somehow relieved I wasn’t carrying my purse because there would have been so many things missing. So I didn’t lose much.


A few things for sure….The discussion is about questions like “Is this idea a good thing or a bad thing?” = The store so early was good, but the bag outside the bathroom was a bad idea. Hanging the lock on one side is good but bad on the other. There are advantages and disadvantages to either choice.

This is also an example of Repetition In Dreams: The Oprah Dream.

Play on words and puns

The second note is how there is something I am “stalling” about. That’s a play on words. And whatever it is, I have left my “identity” (my bag) out of the place I am stalling. Well anyways, eating food is “my bag”. Eating food and my weight are also my “identity”. So I seem to be leaving those outside to get stolen. Hmmmm

I am working on a method not new to me but a specific angle that is new to me concerning my wish to be eating healthy food. The debate is on. Is this a good thing for me? It has it’s advantages and disadvantages. But anyways my unconscious mind is DEFINITELY shining the spotlight on my stalling. There is no question about that!… Don’t you sometimes just hate your unconscious? LOL… Always has to show us stuff we don’t want to see. But once you know something the good news…(or bad news) is that you can never go back to not knowing!

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