Messy house! Dream or Nightmare?

Our home… every room… was filled with people. I don’t think I knew them but in the dream, they’re all friends… but friends who don’t leave!!! And the furniture is moved all over the place. In some cases there’s even more furniture than there was! For example, there’s three TV’s in the den. And there’s musical instruments everywhere along with musicians. It’s as though Andy doesn’t even notice all this going on!… Or anyway he isn’t bothered by it.

But my home was so organized! I am on the phone with my husband Andy asking him how many TV’s were supposed to be in the den because I so desperately want to get this back to normal, and I tell him I want to do this now while I have these men in the house to move the stuff around. I couldn’t seem to remember which TV was supposed to be there.

Now he’s home. I was able to pull him away from conversation, I took Andy around room by room to see what I mean. Upstairs there’s a girl sleeping in one room. Next room has two people in bed. There’s clothes everywhere and you can’t find even one room that is empty of people.

It’s the matter that he has no plans to ask people to leave! Is he not assertive enough? Or is it that he doesn’t care? I am taking matters into my own hands and am asking people to leave.

I just remember too that from the view of my childhood bedroom onto the back yard, there’s a woman with her young children and some dogs. Even though my window is on the second floor, the dogs were able to come in. They’re small but there’s two of them inside the house! I see one of her kids is in too.

On the back balcony off the kitchen, one of Andy’s musician friends asks me to come along with him a few doors away to relax where he lives. I think I didn’t realize he lived so close. Street looks like Redfern. I believe as the dream was ending I decided to take him up on it.


So? Would you say I am needing my space these days? The answer at the time was YES! I did need my space. The important part is how I wasn’t speaking up about how I was feeling. Take a closer look at how my unconscious cleverly created a scenario where I am expecting Andy to speak up for me and he doesn’t. This left me (in the dream) to speak and I started the job of expressing myself, asking people to leave. What a wonderful example of how our dreams provide a rehearsal; a safe place to practice the behavior needed in your current situation, and once you feel more comfortable, having rehearsed in the dream? Suddenly you are ready to bring that behavior you require into your waking life.

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  1. I can definitely relate to this in real life! I like to host and sometimes it can get out of control with more people showing up than I invited. I definitely hate cleaning up after. I can certainly understand how a dream about this can be interpreted as needing my space. Thanks for sharing Layne!

  2. I can also relate to this as I always dream I am washing tuns of laundry and never having a tidy house when company comes. Also cooking up great meals but never having enough & is such a mess. Sometimes the washing machine is away downstairs in the basement & I have another one upstairs. What is this all about?

    1. Hi. Thanks for sharing your experience! Your dreams have a background plot that sings good intentions for me. Good intentions yet the frustration of my intentions not fulfilled. So that’s the theme I’d be looking for. Do you have that experience sometimes?

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