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Mini Synchronicity

Here’s a mini synchronicity. I watched the Donald Trump Roast on Comedy Central this week. Marlee Matlin was one of the roasters. She is deaf and so she had, sitting beside her, her “assistant” who was signing what everyone else was saying. I said to Andy (my husband), that the signer looks exactly like a comedian I know who, I said, happens to be one of my all time favorite comedians, Gilbert Gottfried. So the roast continues each roaster taking his turn to come up to the dias ripping not only Trump, but every other roaster! Soon Marlee Matlin steps up for her turn. She is signing what she wants to say and her assistant is speaking it out. She roasts every roaster, and when it comes to her final subject, Donald Trump, all of a sudden Gilbert Gottfried steps onto the stage! And without her signing, he delivers her roast of what she wanted to say to Trump! Gilbert Gottfried!!! ……..That was weird. You know, you think of someone and suddenly you see them? Or like in this case, you see a person who reminds you of someone else and then you SEE the person WHO YOU THOUGHT THEY LOOKED LIKE??? Those kinds of events happen to all of us, and have happened to me countless times before. Yet whenever it happens I am always stunned.

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