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Synchronicity at work

Woman wearing all black in dream meanings

Woman wearing all black in dream meanings

I am an expert on dream meanings. The other day, I was working with a client on the telephone, who was describing her dream filled with themes of black and white. My office is in my home and from my desk I have a view of the vestibule. While I was discussing her dream with my client, my daughter came into the house and walked past me into her bedroom. When she passed I noticed she was dressed all in black.

A few minutes later as the dreamer was discussing the white images in her dream, I looked up and saw my daughter walk by me again except this time she had changed and was dressed all in white!

Girl dressed in all white dream meanings

Synchronicity at work.

…And the lesson for the dreamer? The dream was offering an opportunity to highlight how she is only seeing the black and white about a current situation in her life. The dream affords the dreamer an opportunity to discover the “grey” area in her current life circumstance that this dream was addressing.

It was a case of the universe multi-tasking.

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    1. I would begin with what I say in the blogpost, that being, I think it’s a case of the universe multi-tasking. I believe it shows us there’s lots more going on than what meets the eye! The thought of synchronicities and how frequently they happen, makes me smile. While my focus on dreams is from a problem-solving psychological perspective, after 50 years, I can assure you there’s more going on simultaneously. We are brilliantly sophisticated.

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