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Synchronicity X-travaganza

I was at a family Bar Mitzvah. A good friend of mine was there who I hadn’t seen in a while. We went to the washroom together where it would be quiet to catch up. The washroom was small, only three or four stalls. We were talking, catching up. When we came out of the stalls, we continued our conversation while washing our hands.

My friend asked, “How is Lisa doing?” Lisa is my daughter who lived in Toronto, and at the time had just moved to NYC. I said, “Lisa is doing great! She had a terrific interview with a young woman from a New York company. Anyway, she was hired and within 10 days, sold the condo, the car, packed up and moved there. She is living her dream in New York. She loves, loves her boss, the city, the whole thing.”

My friend said, “Wow! That’s amazing. I am so happy for her.”

We were not aware that a young woman had walked into the room when we were in the stalls, and so we hadn’t realized anyone was in the room with us.

Suddenly a stall opened and this woman walked out. She came over to the sinks as we were finishing up and looked at me. “Is your daughter Lisa’s last name K—-?”, she inquired.

Of course the two of us were a bit surprised and thought it funny that she knew my daughter……until she offered, “Well, I am Lisa’s boss!”

What are the chances?? Lisa’s boss from New York? At the same affair in Montreal? 
And in the bathroom with us ? Behind the door? Listening to me talk about her??

Her fiancee works at the New York office of the company owned by the Bar Mitzvah boy’s father. That’s how she ended up in Montreal at this affair.

The lesson of this synchronicity? Careful what you say because you NEVER know who may be listening!!

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