What Does a Dream of Drowning Mean?

hand disappearing into water symbolic of person drowning

What Does a Dream of Drowning Mean to You? From the 6 Points of Entry method I developed, if I hear about a dream of drowning, it’s the feelings aspect that screams at me. I’ll want to pose questions like, “Are you drowning in your work these days?” If it’s not an abundance of work […]

Dreaming About a Tornado; What does a tornado in your dream mean?

A tornado touches down on a green field with lightning and dark clouds in the sky.

Just last week, more than 125 tornadoes were reported in the U.S. Even though they were in Iowa, Missouri, Georgia and Mississippi – tornadoes in the news, might easily appear in your dream… if it fits what’s going on for you this week. Since at the first level every dream is reflecting a very specific current issue you […]

Dreaming about a car crash? Scary!

Car engulfed in flames after a car accident with a fire truck to the left of it on a highway.

Dream Interpretation In dream analysis, our first goal is always to name the current waking situation you were discussing with yourself when you had that dream. When I hear a dream about a car accident, I think about the word “accident” and I am already looking for a recent experience in my life that came […]

Murdering in Dreams

Hand holding a knife: Murdering in dreams meaning

What Does Murdering in Dreams Mean? Every so often I will meet a client who feels mortified to admit they had a dream of murder and yet desperately want to understand its meaning. Like any dream I hear, my 6 Point of Entry method will work, though it seems to me, especially when it comes […]

Dreams About Poop

What do Dreams About Poop Mean? - Smiling poo emoji

Lately, I have had a spree of people asking me what dreams about poop means! It inspires me to write the most obvious and important place to begin when trying to uncover why you used that particular imagery. As you may already know a dream is the interior conversation you have with yourself, and it […]

Dream Diary Top 6 Proven Tips and Benefits

Dream Diary

Writing your dreams in a diary helps recall, analysis, and building knowledge of your private interior dictionary. These tips will help you create your own dream diaries.

The Meaning of Snakes in a Dream

Dream Meaning of Snakes in a dream

Dreams About Snakes It’s interesting how often I am asked about what it means when there are snakes in a dream. If you are using my 6 Points of Entry method for uncovering meaning in your dream, the appearance of a snake will fall into the “symbols” category. Let me begin by saying that symbols […]