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Offer the life-changing skill of dream analysis at your next big event

Dreaminar dream lectures and seminars at corporate events

A Dreaminar® empowers its attendees to interpret their dreams, understand their unconscious minds, and connect with each other on a deeper level.

Adaptable to any audience and type of gathering, my workshops and lectures have been successfully received at educational institutions, corporate occasions, wellness retreats, and all kinds of public and private events across North America.

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Corporate Events

Help your team harness the power of dreams

Are you a business or organization looking for a novel approach to teambuilding, creative problem-solving, and just having some plain old fun? Embracing audience participation and delving into the unconscious from all angles, I’ll equip your team with practical tools for decoding dreams and becoming better problem-solvers. I offer lectures and workshops for…
  • Teambuilding events
  • Executive retreats
  • Appreciation events
  • Fundraising events
Book a Dreaminar® at your next corporate get-together for a unique, educational, and eye-opening experience for everyone—from new recruits to top brass!

Campus Events

Deciphering dreams for a better future

Developing the skill of dream analysis helps students make wiser decisions and guides them along the path to self-knowledge. My on-campus Dreaminars® provide young people with new insights into their own minds through lectures, workshops, and discussion groups.

I’ve offered Dreaminars® with the International Association for the Study of Dreams at Tufts University, McGill University, Concordia University, and institutions from Berkeley to Copenhagen.

Private Events

Create an unforgettable experience

Any private event from a large formal gathering to intimate social get-together can become a foray into dream analysis.

Book a Dreaminar for your:

  • Charity event
  • Conference
  • Convention
  • Party
  • Private dining event

Whether I’m delivering a keynote or engaging with invitees one-to-one, your guests will leave with a better understanding of the human mind’s mysteries and plenty to talk about.

Health & Wellness

Retreat into the mind

Time spent away from the bustle of everyday life offers the perfect occasion for relaxation, introspection, and figuring out what’s most important. Through dream analysis, guests at wellness-focused getaways can develop a solid understanding of their own minds—a vital part of mental and physical health.

I offer Dreaminar workshops and lectures to enrich guest experiences at:

  • Health and wellness centers
  • Retreats
  • Spas
  • Resorts

Organizations I’ve worked with include Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA and Tucson, AZ, Old Stone Farm in Upstate New York, and Rancho La Puerta Spa in Mexico.

Did You Know?

A dream is an internal monologue about waking-life challenges. By understanding the language of the unconscious, we enhance problem-solving skills, bolster creativity, and improve interpersonal relationships.

“The most meaningful aspect of the lecture was having my dream analyzed by Layne. She was so bright and articulate.”
Canyon Ranch guests
Lenox, MA
“Thank you again for your wonderful lecture and your encouragement and support. I started reading the book as soon as I got home and didn’t want to put it down. I also couldn’t wait to see what I dreamt about so I could try and analyze it this morning”
“Our library booked Layne Dalfen for a Dreaminar presentation. We were looking for something outside of the ordinary programs that we usually offer, and we found it! She was definitely extraordinary. She clearly explains how to start the journey to understand what our dreams are trying to tell us, and how to work through what discover. Many attendants of her presentation were gifted insights into their dreams that really hit that sweet spot of mental AND emotional break throughs. We also had the highest attendance of any program we had given in quite awhile. We will definitely have her back again.”
Jennifer Elliott

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