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Deciphering the Sandman, The Mirror

Deciphering the Sandman,
by Chris Barry

Name: Layne Dalfen
Age: 50
Occupation: Dream interpreter
Bio: This insightful and tenacious Westmount babe has been studying dreams for 20 years and conducting private dream analysis sessions at her Dream Interpretation Centre since 1997. A bigmouth on the U.S. talk radio circuit, Layne has a new book on the market called Dreams Do Come True, a TV pilot in the works, and finds herself forever busy analyzing people’s dreams online at

The cost of getting one of your dreams professionally analyzed: $80 an hour.

The type of dream most people want to have analyzed: Nightmares. “But I’ve never had one client believe a nightmare was scary after it has been decoded.”

Has she ever recommended anybody to the Douglas Hospital after decoding one of their dreams? Never. “Although I have certainly spoken to people whose dreams are alerting them to the fact that they are feeling very anxious, which might lead them to find [psychiatric] help.”

Are people with a history of denial more likely to have insightful dreams? “Yes, because if you are undereacting to something that is going on in your life, your dreams are going to overreact to it in order to create a balance.”

Does she think it’s possible a lot of people come to see her just because no one else in the world gives a shit about their boring dreams but them? No.

One wacky dream she has analyzed: That of a woman who had a “one picture dream” of a piglet clinging to her breast. Apparently, the piglet was her ex-boyfriend, whom she described as “such a little pig” during her session and whom she felt was just a little too dependent upon her. “Her issues with her ex-boyfriend were obviously something that she needed to get off her chest. Get it?”

Does constantly dreaming about snakes or train tunnels mean that you’re way overdue to get fucked? Not necessarily.

One of many reasons why people might find themselves forever dreaming about sex: To make themselves feel good when they’re feeling bummed in their waking lives.

Are dream dictionaries a very good tool to help people decipher what’s going on in their messed-up heads? No, because no two people have exactly the same relationship with any given symbol.

Something she is currently on the hunt for: Families with at least two people who remember their dreams and who would be willing to participate in her TV pilot.

Childhood ambition: To become a mother. She has four daughters.

Last book read: A big fan of Oprah’s Book Club “because her books always have a theme of overcoming the odds,” the last book Layne read was Fall on Your Knees, by Ann-Marie MacDonald.

Television preferences: Primetime Glick, American Idol, Larry King Live

A recent film she liked: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Musical preferences: James Taylor, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Britney Spears.

Words of wisdom: “If you keep working at something, it will happen.”

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