Private Dream Discussion Groups

Workshop your dreams in a round-table format

Sometimes, an outside perspective is just what you need to understand your dreams. Join my dream discussion group therapy to hone your interpretation skills, gain fresh insights into your unconscious mind, and help others do the same.

How it works

  • A maximum of nine people meet in a virtual weekly discussion group. Minimum of 3 people.
  • One member shares a dream.
  • Using the “If this was my dream” method, each member has an opportunity to share. (See Below)
  • Each group meets 1.5-hour sessions (11:30-1:00PM EST), over 3 Saturdays.
  • Groups are led by Layne Dalfen, expert dream analyst with 50+ years of experience.

Saturdays 11:30 am to 1 pm EST

An Intimate Experience

Gain new perspectives on your dreams in a welcoming, social environment. Each dream discussion group is limited to nine people, ensuring that everyone can share their insights and hear a variety of perspectives. Through 1.5 hr. sessions held once a week over 3 weeks, bond with other curious and contemplative people as you plumb your unconscious minds.

Group Dream Discussions

The Method

When it comes to interpreting dreams, no one knows you better than yourself. The memories and associations of your unconscious mind are like a giant database that only you can access! That’s why my dream discussion groups use the “If it were my dream” method developed by Dr. Montague Ullman.

Here’s how it works: One member shares a dream, and each of the other eight participants delve into their personal database of symbology to build an interpretation. They describe what scenario in their own lives might trigger a similar dream.

By hearing these projected interpretations, the dreamer gains an outside perspective and can consider possibilities they might not have otherwise thought of. Ideally, they’ll have an “a-ha” moment and finally understand what their dream is trying to tell them.

A standard practice in modern dream interpretation, Dr. Ullman’s method ensures that each discussion group member has the final say in deciding their dreams’ meanings. After all, the dreamer knows their own mind best!

Join a Group Therapy Session

My dream discussion groups meet on Saturdays from 11:30 – 1:00 PM EST.
Cost: $250 $179.99 USD (3 sessions) or $69.99 for one session. You may need to wait until a group of 3 is formed to start the sessions. If you don’t want to wait consider having a private dream interpretation consultation.