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Decode your dreams and discover a happier you

Ever had a dream that you just couldn’t shake? Maybe it was just a one-off, or perhaps it’s a reoccurring dream. In any case, you recognize that your unconscious is trying to tell you something—but it’s unclear what…

Consider this:

  • The dreams we remember are typically the ones that are the most important
  • All of our dreams speak to problems we’re facing in our waking lives
  • The simple act of uncovering a dream’s meaning often releases the energy tied up in the conflict

A dream is a discussion we have with ourselves about a specific issue we’re trying to resolve. I teach dreamers how to recognize the solutions that come to them as metaphors. Approaching your dreams from a psychological perspective, I’ll ask you a series of questions to identify the waking-life situation that triggered your dream!

And even if you have excellent dream recall and strong interpretation skills, speaking with a dream analyst is a valuable exercise to see past your own blind spots.

With my help, you’ll recognize symbols and patterns you may not have even realized were there. And once we’ve decoded why you had that dream, we’ll travel back inside your unconscious to search for a solution (my favorite part!).

The experience isn’t just insightful; it’s also educational. You’ll walk away from the session with a new understanding of yourself and the tools you need to analyze your dreams moving forward.


Dream Discussion Groups

  • A maximum of nine people meet in a virtual weekly discussion group
  • Members take turns analyzing each others’ dreams.
  • Each group meets for weekly 1.5-hour sessions over 3 weeks
  • Groups are led by Layne Dalfen, expert dream analyst with 40+ years of experience
  • The groups meet on Saturdays

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