Layne Dalfen - The Dream Analyst

Layne Dalfen USA Today

Did you know the solutions to our waking situations appear first in our dreams? Hidden there are insights making us better problem-solvers, smarter decision-makers, and masters at managing stress.  

Dream Analyst, Layne Dalfen is a Speaker, Author, and dedicated Problem Solver. Promising to find “solutions to our waking situations” as they appear in our dreams, she developed an easy-to-grasp, 6-step system anyone can use to uncover the wealth of information we wake with every morning. A specialist in translating the language of metaphor, Layne Dalfen is known at Oprah Daily as their in-house “Dream Catcher”. She is the author of the revered book series, Have A Great Dream, and the columnist of Psychology Today’s, “Understanding Dreams”. Layne has been featured on Fox, NBC, Global TV, and over 250 radio shows.

Whether a business or organization looking for a novel approach to team-building and creative problem-solving, or you’re planning a party or event, contact Layne Dalfen to book your first Dreaminar®  and you’ll be guaranteed a unique, educational, fun, and eye-opening experience!