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Synchronicity or message from the other side?

Allow me to step away from dreams and their meaning for a minute, to talk about synchronicity. The Definition: The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Synchronicity is a concept developed by Carl Jung, and is so wonderful and perplexing, I just love it! It happens to us all the time, but some of us are watching it and others not. How many times over the years have I said to Andy, “It’s synchronicity”, only to have him respond, “It’s a coincidence.” Every now and then, though, he must admit that’s strange.

I was perusing some of my articles and blogs and came across this story from February 13, 2011. It reads as follows:

Last week I watched a TV show called Where Do I Come From? It’s a show Lisa Kudrow produces where TV and movie stars work through to discover their roots.

I have been thinking about visiting but it wasn’t until this morning that I finally took a peek. I did a find on my late father, Joseph Dalfen z’l. It wasn’t long before I found him, although I didn’t find him under the name of Joseph. He was listed as Jacob.

I knew his name was actually Jacob Joseph. He preferred his middle name and in fact I didn’t even learn his first name was Jacob until I was ten or eleven years old.

Not only did I find my dad listed there, but I was able to see the actual entry document when he landed in Canada! He traveled here on the SS Montcalm that left Liverpool, England on February 5, 1932, and arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on FEBRUARY 13TH!!

I sat there rooted to the spot. Of all the days of the year, what are the chances? I found my dad’s record of arrival seventy-nine years ago to the day.

Do I think that’s a coincidence? No. I don’t. Perhaps it was a little hello from my Dad, What do you think?? Are you a coincidence person or a synchronicity person?

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