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Hiding Again

I wrote this 3 years ago: ….Must be a new series. It’s the second hiding dream I’ve had in two weeks. I am walking on a boulevard. The street is wide. In the center there’s a row of very high palm trees. It’s not a movie being shot but it could be because high up atop one of the trees a young woman is sitting in a small basket. The tree is being pulled to one side and then another. I am amazed she is not falling. Now suddenly she’s walking with the tree like on stilts.

I think she comes down to the ground and leaves with a tall, dark man. He looks something like Charles Gelber, walking towards their car. Now the dream takes on that feeling of a movie or mystery, because in the next scene the girl has turned into Emma-Jo or Lisa. I am not sure who. Maybe a combination of them. We’re in a house and Emma-Jo is in hiding because dangerous people are looking for her.

She hides behind a wall in an open house. It’s a one room house. Her bedroom is behind this wall. It’s like an island. Palm trees again, all around. Actually, the house has no glass on the windows and there are no other homes around. It’s a forest of palms.

There are two Philippine women with her. They live there, cook, keep the place clean. It’s a scene I am watching. I’m in the dream but not really partaking or talking. So Emma-Jo eats and sleeps in her room but of course can come out from behind the wall, except this woman arrives. She is a plain clothed policewoman. We tell Emma to go hide behind the wall, which she does. It is very tense because this woman does NOT leave the house.

I have conflicting issues in the dream. One now and one later.

The one now is that the woman stays so long that Emma-Jo can’t eat. We can’t bring food to her room and she can’t come out. I find this very upsetting.

The woman hears a sound behind the wall and I see her trying to look around it to see who is behind.

Maybe Emma-Jo was smoking or something really stupid because something attracted the policewoman to focus her eyes there. I believe I become part of the dream here because I remember successfully distracting her and was able to manipulate the dream so that she saw instead one of the women we were living with behind there.

Now Emma went to a space closer to the main room and was clearly standing outside the bathroom where if the policewoman looked would see her! Again I am active in the dream because I am whispering to Emma-Jo but a scream upset whisper to get back in her room behind the wall! She can get arrested.

So I am wanting her to be able to come out to eat but if she comes out she’ll get caught.

Was I having a food problemo? Hiding? Can’t eat? Sneaking? Getting caught by my “higher” self?

Sometimes it’s easier to place some other part of yourself in a dream as represented by another person in your life. When I think of Emma-Jo, I think “capable”. In other words, she represents the capable aspect of myself I need to tap into at this time! That young, vibrant self who is able to stay high up a tree top, swaying, and even be able to walk away on stilts! Miraculous. Here we are 3 years later and I am 53 pounds lighter! Dream analysis works!

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