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Oprah Mag: 7 Reasons You’re Dreaming About Your Ex

The Oprah Magazine

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  1. Hello Layne
    I saw you on Breakfast Television to day March 16/22. I got so excited to find out about my recurring dreams. One being I’m trying to get home & get lost on whichever transportation I’m on. One about my X who we have been divorced for 40-45 years. Never dreamt about him before his passing & now I dream a couple times a week. Unfortunately he had many affairs.
    There was a number to call in to reach you however the lines were loaded. I would love to order hard copies of Book 1 & 2. I went to my local Chapters in Newmarket Ontario, unfortunately the books were not on their list. Could you let me know how to order for Canada & where that would be. You were a pleasure to watch today.
    One disappointed almost 80 year old.

    1. Hi Barb. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the show. When I think about “home” it’s a picture of a place where I feel comfortable and safe and happy. If I am dreaming I am getting lost while trying to get home it would be me saying to myself that whatever is going on in my life this week, I am not feeling comfortable. I would ask myself why I am feeling lost getting back to feeling good and perhaps my dream is inviting me to discuss how I’ve been feeling with someone I trust. As for buying paperback copies of my books, I invite you to go to this link at since you’re from Canada, that should take you right there!
      Make sure to click on the paperbacks! All my best, Layne Dalfen

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