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I’m driving through the countryside near my home, just me and my truck, chewing thoughts like long grass, when I’m jolted by the sound of screaming steel overhead. I look up in time to see the jumbo jet just before it explodes into the road. And then an awesome, enveloping silence. I’m alone, climbing through the wreckage, terrified of what I’m going to find, and there’s nothing I can do.

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The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of by Stephanie Whittaker Once the lights go out and you drift off, your brain gets busy and you

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Deciphering the Sandman, The Mirror

This insightful and tenacious Westmount babe has been studying dreams for 20 years and conducting private dream analysis sessions at her Dream Interpretation Centre since 1997. A bigmouth on the U.S. talk radio circuit, Layne has a new book on the market called Dreams Do Come True, a TV pilot in the works, and finds herself forever busy analyzing people’s dreams online at

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Dreams about teeth falling out - illustration of girl with teeth falling out of her mouth

Tell Us What Our Recurring Nightmares Mean – Vice Magazine Article

Whether it’s your teeth repetitively falling out of your head or going on a homicidal rampage, waking up sweaty and disoriented from a bizarre dream can leave you wondering what the hell is wrong with your head. And it really doesn’t help when you have the same dream over and over. Concerned about whether or not our recurring nightmares meant we were awful people or simply unwell (probably both), we reached out to a professional dream analyst, Layne Dalfen, to find out.

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