I’m with a boy and a woman. I am a child too. We’re on the moon. It’s full. All of us lying on our stomachs holding on. We are worried about falling off (down) but then I remember we’re weightless up here aren’t we? We should be able to let go and float.

So I say this to the boy and after a bit, we let go, but we start falling!! This is not good. So I yell to him to grab onto a cloud. We do and now we’re fine. It’s funny holding onto air. We’re playing together. The woman (maybe a mother) stayed holding onto the moon. She’s not letting go. (LOL)

While we are up there, there is a bathroom we can go to. It’s a room just hanging there in mid air but if you go in you have walls all around you and you can have that security if you want.

I’m pretty sure the woman is in the bathroom and it’s the boy and I that are deciding if we are going to go in too.

The thing was stay out in the universe holding on to a cloud, or go inside the washroom.

The secure place is dark and unexciting.

I saw myself (as an observer), getting off the shuttle after it returned to earth. Just as I touched the ground, I felt dizzy and on the news report, you see a man reach to grab me so that I don’t fall.

The Analysis 

This dream is a snapshot of the continuing discussion I am working through about healthy eating; intuitive eating, as opposed to dieting. Looking in to discover the root of my behavior, like for any of us, is like hanging on in the night air. 
The “secure place” (the familiar, closed in space) is dark and unexciting. After all there is some excitement in discovering new things about myself that have, so far remained in the dark (unconscious mind).

The “letting go”. The woman in me is having trouble letting go (of the past) or of the things that keep me eating when I am not hungry.

The Solution

The child in me (both my male and female sides) are more adventurous; trusting. They do let go! And even though there’s a free fall there for a minute that comes along with some fear, they do find a new and airy place to hold on to.

This is very positive. I must stay tapped into the child-like quality of my psyche. The part of me that find change (while a little scary) exciting.


I find in our dreams, especially if you are going through a particular issue, and you record them more frequently over a short space of time, really give you the picture of how you are coming along through the process. In my recent series, I started with themes of hiding. Hiding the things I don’t want to look at or better said, find.

Hiding Again

Yesterday’s was about stalling, but it was also about looking at the same thing (the clock) from a different angle = Looking at time, and whatever I have experienced


And here I am in this dream, REHEARSING letting go into the free fall of discovering a new place to hold myself.

Rehearsal in Dreams

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